About Me


I am an open-minded, adventurous woman in my late twenties and I have taken the step to become location independent so that I can be free and fully dedicate myself to my own projects. I truly believe that inner peace and happiness, together, with a certain level of flexibility lead to high quality results at work. It is for that reason that I have decided to quit my much loved job as a Market Developer at a fast-growing tech company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I have lived for the past six years in order to move to Brazil. I have a true passion for languages and foreign cultures and have therefore lived in four different countries already, namely Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil.

I am convinced that to speak a foreign language, one also needs to study a foreign culture and I can confidently say that I feel fully integrated in all the countries where I have lived until now. This road has taken me back to the country of samba and Carnaval so let’s see what comes next!


Bachelor’s Degree International Business & Languages (Spanish & Portuguese)

Commercial correspondence with foreign languages (English & Spanish)





What I Offer


Finding the right words is crucial when it comes to translations. I graduated in Commercial Correspondence with Foreign Languages and after that achieved my Bachelor of Business Administration in a combination with Spanish and Portuguese. Since I speak several languages, it makes it easier to analyse existing text segments from different perspectives and do cross-translations until finding the perfect fit. It is for that reason that I can assure you to always find the most authentic equivalents when it comes to translations in German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Performance Marketing

Every product or service is only as good as its marketing. With the help of Facebook & Instagram campaigns, I will help you to focus on your strengths and reach the right people in order to make sure your money is well spent and will be a real investment into your business. Furthermore, by setting up email marketing campaigns, I can help build online brand engagement and set customer satisfaction to a next level. From creating awareness until retargeting, I can setup campaigns that will help to make potential new users convert into actual users and will thus make your customer base and business grow.


There are endless different ways of describing objects, actions or emotions. My knowledge about foreign languages has taught me to critically question text segments and their actual meaning and consequently express myself in different ways. I am experienced in creating, maintaining and monitoring contents and target audiences for professional websites and video productions. Furthermore, I take great enjoyment in writing creative & commercial texts for different target groups, that are not only catchy to read but that will also boost your SEO results.

My Work


  • Lena worked here with an enormous enthousiasm and that translated into a super motivated colleague who was always available when needed. She took every task she came up with or which we gave her very seriously and completed everything with the utmost precision.

    Hans Ober TicketSwap
  • During the time working with Lena I found out that she is very flexible with working hours and that she can deliver high quality results in all situations. No matter what time of the day I know she is available and that gives me a lot of trust.

    Henry Bigalke BIGALKE
  • I worked with Lena on different projects and will definitely give her a call next time I need some help again. I am amazed by her language skills and I'm convinced she finds better translations than many others. She always sticked to deadlines and besides that it's also big fun to work with her. 🙂

    Tim Ottowitz Streamhub
  • Lena was an outstanding intern, having understood immediately our affiliate model and delivering high quality results since her first week. Always interested and available for new learnings, Lena’s commitment was of great importance for our business.

    Pettersom Paiva Voopter
  • Lena was one of the people who were standing out in: her performance, enthusiasm and reliability. I was delighted to have her joining the team. Whether she was working from the office or when needed flexible from home, I experienced her doing her work with a smile and lots of positive energy. I saw her being kind and cooperative to the other team members and always up for a little chat which brought very positive vibes to the team atmosphere. Lena is a person I highly recommend working with. And I would be happy to work with her again in the future.

    Corinne Buschhüter Roamler

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